Lifted Libations Soda Club

Organic vodka sodas conveniently
canned for the utmost uplifting enjoyment!


A deliciously fruity organic vodka soda with a splash of natural currant. ABV 5%

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A light and refreshing organic vodka soda with natural grapefruit flavor. ABV 5%

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A classic organic vodka soda with a bit of all natural lime juice. ABV 5%

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An easy drinking organic vodka soda with juicy natural orange. ABV 5%

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Course Ready

Small batch cocktails made
with organic vodka. Canned
for your favorite adventures.

Lifted Lemonade

Our favorite sparkling lemonade with vodka. The perfect Summertime cocktail! ABV 5%

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Mile High Mule

Our signature Golden Ginger Beer with vodka and lime. Crisp and refreshing! ABV 5%

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Swing Juice

Delicious sparkling fruit punch and vodka. A mouthwatering way to work on your swing! ABV 5%

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Tee Time

There’s a reason this is a company favorite! With sparkling lemonade, tea, and vodka, you can’t go wrong! ABV 5%

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Variety 8 Packs

Why choose your favorite when you can have them all?
Each 8 pack comes with 4 flavors, 2 of each. Cheers!

Soda Club Pack

Caddy Pack